The key role of water in the food industry

A new potabilization system
for Casearia Bresciana by Culligan.

The key role of water in the food industry as a guarantee of the highest levels of quality and safety

In the food industry, constant control of production processes and raw materials is essential to ensure the highest standards of healthiness and quality of the finished product.

One of the most crucial factors in the production of food, often taken for granted, is water: an element that represents much more than a simple ingredient in the entire production chain.

For example, it is essential that the water used for the preparation of food has no taste or smell that could compromise the quality or consistency of the final product. In production processes, however, the use of quality water is essential for replenishing the power supply in the boilers, to facilitate the removal of limestone formations and – in general – to reduce the need for plant maintenance.

The potabilization project that involved Casearia Bresciana – the historic manufacturer of the famous Grana Padano – is a perfect example of the key role played by water in a large-scale food industry.

The company, strongly committed to food safety, recently decided to invest in the construction of a state-of-the-art well water potabilization plant capable of ensuring the highest levels of well water health.

This is how Ca.Bre. decided to turn to Culligan for a ‘customized’ solution in line with the very high quality standards of its dairy products.

The potabilization needs of a food industry such as Ca.Bre. concern both the water needed for the production of the cheese, and that for the steam generators and evaporative towers, essential elements for cooling the system.

This is why Culligan has created an ad hoc solution of totally customized height and dimensions capable of responding to the needs of continuous and massive production.

The new potabilization system uses special insulated filters, suitable for being installed outdoors and subjected to the rough climates of the Po Valley. The system is composed of an oxidation and disinfection section, followed by a filtration battery consisting of three multilayer filters with pyrolusite, anthracite and quartz sand of selected granulometries catalytic bed. After there is an activated carbon filtration section with a high contact time, for a capillary filtering action that guarantees production up to the highest certification standards required by the market.

With 85 years of experience in over 90 countries around the world, Culligan stands out internationally for its integrated approach to any water qualification need, covering the entire supply chain, from design to production, from sale to maintenance of any kind of plant.

The key role of water in food preparation makes Culligan a point of reference also in sectors such as and the domestic one, with a wide range of treatment systems that guarantee water with perfect organoleptic qualities, capable of enhancing the flavors of the different dishes to the maximum.