Water solutions for Food Service & Restaurants

Water solutions for restaurants

Great quality water is the secret ingredient in successful food service

When a customer sits down for a meal, you want your glassware to sparkle. Culligan’s dishwashing solutions will keep your dinnerware clean and more than presentable.

Even better, water softened and treated using Commercial Water Softeners by Culligan often reduces your need for detergents, helping you reduce both costs and the impact of your business on the environment.

You can also prolong the lifespan of your expensive equipment with water treatment solutions. Hard water can take a toll on your equipment causing it to run less efficiently and give out sooner. Ensure a long lifespan of your investments with Culligan water treatment solutions.

Water is a big part of cooking and drinking. From steam trays to coffee, ice and beverage machines—wherever you need water to serve your Customers, Culligan will make sure you are giving them the best water in the business.

Learn how Culligan can provide you with:

  • Spot free glasses and dishes leading to improved customer experiences
  • Better taste for food and drink
  • Reduced overall operating costs
  • Reduced utility, detergent and chemical costs
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance repairs

Better taste and odor without chemicals disinfection

Disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine are often added by the water company to make it safe. But this can give it a medicinal taste.

Culligan’s granular activated carbon (GAC) filters resolve this type of taste and smell issue.

Water is used at each stage of the process beginning with food and beverage preparation to cleaning of dishware at the end, yet the water you receive from your local water company can contain substances and contaminants which can negatively affect the dining experience and be a major cause of unplanned downtime and disruption.

Hard Water and other water contaminants

Two of the most important types of equipment in a food service establishment are the ice machines and hot-water devices such as coffee makers, steam cookers, and dishwashers.
When water changes state – when it is goes from a liquid to a gas (when heated) or from a liquid to a solid (freezing) it leaves behind the minerals.

These minerals are what forms scale and will coat any surface they come into contact with. The amount of minerals that are present in the water is called hardness. The treatment carried out by the water companies will not improve the hardness of the water.

Hard water is what causes spots on dishware and remember just 1mm of scale can decrease efficiency within heating and cooling equipment by 10%, causing increased energy consumption but if left unchecked can seriously reduce the life of your equipment and lead to unplanned and expensive downtime.

Culligan is a world leader in water softening, filtration and reverse osmosis treatment and nobody knows more about dealing with problem water than Culligan.

Over the last 80 years Culligan’s water softeners, filtration solutions and reverse osmosis systems have been used across the world to successfully deal with all types of problem water challenges

After Sale Services - Trust the Water Experts

With a range of service solutions available, Culligan can provide you with complete peace of mind that your water is being managed by the experts and let you concentrate on your business.

At Culligan, we are committed to helping you manage your water, using our extensive experience and local service force, we can analyse your incoming and treated water, maintain your equipment, even provide emergency call out services.

Trust the Water Experts to look after your water treatment equipment.

Drinking Water for Bars and Restaurants

Culligan also provide drinking water solutions specifically for bars and restaurants.

As well as our office and shop solutions, Culligan also provide drinking water solutions specifically for bars and restaurants.

Our point of use drinking water units eliminate the need to purchase expensive bottled water, saving you money whilst providing great tasting water to your customers all at the touch of a button.
Culligan’s Aquabar range of drinking water dispenser units are available with built in water chilling, carbonation and water filtration systems as well as the ability to program the amount of water dispensed to speed up water delivery to the table.

The Aquabar range can be mounted on top of a counter or bar, directly underneath the counter or even remotely installed in a different room.

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