Water Solutions for your Home & Apartments

Water solutions for home and apartments

Home Water Softener Systems

Hard water can be hard on both your house and you.

Reduce hard water and its effects on your home with a Culligan home water softening system. Each is designed to help reduce water contaminants, scale buildup, and electricity use, plus extend the life of your appliances, deliver better-tasting water, and make cleaning easier—from sparkling dishes to softer laundry and more. In addition, Culligan’s 75 years of home water treatment experience means you get some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art water softening technology available.

Home Filtration System for Drinking Water

Drinking water systems for tap water that tastes as good as it should.

Turn on better-tasting water in your home with drinking water systems from Culligan and enjoy limitless filtered drinking water right from the faucet. Every water supply, and the quality of the water it contains, is different. That’s why we’ve specifically designed water filtration systems and purification solutions to address impurities and issues that can cause problem water.

No matter what problem water issues you face, Culligan sets the standard for custom, at-home drinking water systems with state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water filtration and sophisticated interchangeable filters, so you get a customized water treatment solution that fits you, your family, and your local water supply best.

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