Culligan Case
Studies: Argo Brewery

Argo Brewery

Georgia’s first and best-loved national beer brand.

Its story begins in the early 1990s, when the Castel Brewery began brewing Georgia’s first national beer, Argo, as soon as it was independent. Its clean and refreshing taste, combined with the spirit of independence, led to Argo becoming Georgia’s most popular beer brand.

The water from the brewing water supply had silt in it that could not be removed by the old treatment system. The presence of silt was therefore creating problems for the existing reverse osmosis system.


To eliminate the silt in the aqueduct water that was compromising the membranes of the reverse osmosis system already installed in the production department, it was decided to install a skid-mounted ultrafiltration system upstream of the existing RO.

This made it possible to eliminate the blockages that were compromising the life of the membranes by reducing maintenance and membrane changes.


  • Longer lifetime of osmotic membranes
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better production process management