Culligan builds Water Treatment
Plant for Automotive Production

Culligan has realized a water treatment plant for an automotive company located in Emilia-Romagna, which needed to use two different types of water, with different conductivity, for the mixing of lubro-coolant liquids for the working processes.
of water, with different conductivity, for the mixing of lubro-cooling liquids for mechanical processing.
mechanical processing. The volumes of water used were dissimilar and changed according to production, so the customer needed
two separate storage tanks. The quantity of treated water was 4,5 m3/h,
used in two shifts for a total of 16 hours for 6 days a week.


Through a series of specific treatments, the mains water is sent to a plant that uses the process of reverse osmosis, which allows to remove from water almost all the substances present in it, both suspended and dissolved.
The plant has been designed to produce two types of water with different conductivity, to meet the technical needs of the customer.
The instrumentation used (level sensors, conductivity sensors, flow meters, etc.) is state-of-the-art. Alarm and control signals are reported to the PLC panel and directly removable to the customer’s internal LAN.


  • Greater production control;
  • Greater efficiency and precision in the mixing and dosing of liquid coolants, which translates into lower labor and material costs for the company;
  • Remote control of all control and alarm systems, which allows you to intervene safely at any time and, thanks also to the appropriately sized storage tanks, to predict and deal with any peaks in water demand or need for plant intervention.
  • Moreover, the plant has technical characteristics such as to comply with the provisions of Industry 4.0.