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Culligan Water Filtration Systems

Culligan has one of the widest range of filtration technologies available on the market.
Available as stand-alone units or as part of the system, Culligan’s filtration technologies include:

Self-Cleaning Filters


Cartridge Microfiltration

Media Filtration

Dynamic Separation filters

Self-Cleaning Filters

Self-cleaning filters are a highly flexible, versatile and economical solution for addressing small scale water filtration problems. They are commonly used as a barrier against suspended solids to protect sensitive equipment. The self-cleaning filters eliminate the need for replacement cartridges by using a backwash system which can be controlled either fully automatically or semi-automatically depending on the model. Filtration is possible from 50 to 500 μm up to a maximum flow rate of 52 m3/hr

Cartridge Micro-filtration

Mechanical cartridge filtration is a robust and economical solution for smaller scale water filtration. Ideal as a protection pre-filtration for expensive treatment systems and equipment.

Media Filtration

Dynamic Separators

Dynamic separators are filters designed to remove suspended solids from the water (eg sand). Removal capacity is equal to 98% of all particles having a size greater than 80 microns and a specific weight greater than 1 kg/dm3. The dynamic separator is so named because it uses the centrifugal movement of water to separate the solids from the liquid. So the unit has no mechanical moving parts, which makes it almost eliminated the cost of operation and maintenance.

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