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Water Coolers and Dispensers

Whether you have a single location or offices around the world, Culligan makes it easy to enjoy fresher, better-tasting water with, Bottle-Free water coolers, water dispenser for restaurants and customizable drinking water systems.

These coolers attach to your business’s water supply and run the water through advanced filters, removing impurities and contaminants. The filtered water is then stored in an internal storage tank, so you’ll have plenty on hand whenever you need it. Our coolers have a variety of temperature options, giving your employees or clients, cold, warm or hot water with the push of a button.

Culligan Provide:

Bottle-Free Water Coolers


Water Dispensers

Water Filtration

Customizable Accessories

Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Discover the new Bio-Refresh.

Considering getting a water cooler for your office? Culligan Bottle-Free water coolers provide great tasting drinking water, cold, hot and now sparkling, minus the water delivery service and the jugs!

Your Culligan Bottle-Free Water Cooler can be installed almost anywhere in the office, so employees’ access to better water is always within reach. Your local representative will work with you to determine the type of cooler, number of coolers, and the best Culligan filtration system needed to make the water in your office, plant, or other place of business taste great.

Water Dispensers

Culligan offers a wide range of water dispensers specifically designed for the restaurant and bar sectors. Units deliver cold, ambient and sparkling water. With a model to suit all installations Culligan’s water dispensers can be installed on a counter tops, underneath a bar counter or even in a separate room with tubing / pipework delivering great tasting filtered water to the point of use. Replace costly bottled water with great tasting clean water produced onsite.


A Culligan water dispenser can help you save costs, free up storage space and help the environment.

Aquabar – Electromechanical Water Dispenser

Supplied in 4 models with different capacities (50 – 100 – 250-300 l/h), these units can be positioned under the counter or in an adjacent room and can supply water to the point of use dispensing station through insulated hoses

The flow can be controlled via the point of use taps or can be programmed to dispense a predetermined volume of water.

Aquabar - Model E – Electronic water dispenser

The Aquabar Model E unit is a fully Electronic system, and comes fitted with a touch screen control for ease of use.

With many advanced features the Model E can be programmed to dispense a predetermined volume of water ideal for refilling carafes in a busy restaurant.

It’s perfect for use in small communities, canteens, restaurants, hotels, bars, as an alternative to bottled water, and is easily positioned on any counter top, table or self-service area of a restaurant.

Aquabar Box

The smart and space-saving solution with only the supply point of view, leaving you the freedom to choose the tap most suited to your environment, with natural gas r600a!
Supplied in 4 models of different capacities (60 – 80 – 150 – 280 l / h), it is positioned under the counter or in an adjacent room and is ideal for those with limited counter space.
The water is supplied by a separate tapping column, resting on the chosen surface and connected to the appliance by insulated flexible pipes.
The tapping column is available with manual taps or in the timed version,
which allows the supply to be interrupted automatically once the required quantity is reached.
The water has 3 supply options: cold still water, room temperature water, sparkling water.

Aquabar is installed with the exclusive CARBON BLOCK EVO filtration system.

Water Filtration

Water Filtration - Carbon Block and Total Defence System

These Culligan filters are designed to solve the common problems of water quality by removing all traces of impurities and turbidity, as well as unpleasant tastes and odours caused by the presence of chlorine.

Where necessary, you can install the “Total Defense System”, which allows the elimination of micropollutants and organic matter such as MTBE, cysts, chloramine, mercury, VOCs and atrazine which can be present in the water of some areas.

Culligan can also provide a range of contaminant specific filters such as the AS3 filter used in areas suffering from high arsenic levels.

Customizable Accessories for Offices, Shops and Restaurants

Customizable solutions for a better business

With Culligan you can customize carafes, jugs and other accessories for your company, fitness club or restaurant, all of which have the ability to be customized with your brand logo.
Culligan offer a wide range of sizes and colours ideal for advertising your brand and demonstrating your commitment to the environment to your customers.

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