Culligan is a world leader in global solutions for water treatment and offers a highly reliable and professional after-sales service. The integrated service involves installation, commissioning, revamping, chemical products and contracts for routine maintenance: all these aspects are crucial for offering our customers turnkey solutions.

Culligan technicians boast extensive experience as they have worked with numerous types of water treatment systems in various sectors, including hotels, spas and wellness centres, resorts, camping sites, restaurants and catering facilities. Culligan is also able to offer its customers personalised multi-year contracts for planning long-term assistance.

Domestic hot water and closed circuits

Culligan provides a comprehensive solution for preserving heating and domestic hot water circuits that improves their efficiency and guarantees water for users conforming to the applicable hygienic-sanitary regulations.

Thanks to treatment technologies for water supplied to boilers, such as water softeners, deionisers and reverse osmosis systems, Culligan is able to offer a solution to every need.

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Water treatment systems for Legionella

Culligan proposes its services as a partner by offering solutions that combine plants, chemical products and technical assistance for the prevention and control of Legionella bacteria.

Thanks to a broad array of plant-related and commercial solutions, we are able to satisfy all the customer’s requirements.

Cooling Towers

“Evaporative towers” or “cooling towers” or “evaporative condensers” are the most flexible and inexpensive system for cooling the water used in large residential buildings. Culligan is able to offer specific water treatment systems for cooling towers that can be customised in relation to the needs.

They include filtration and chemical dosing steps based on the following typical cycle: pre-filtration – water softening and/or reverse osmosis – dosing station for chemicals (descaling agents, anti-corrosion agents, dispersants, biocides) – automatic purging system – filter on the recirculation circuit.

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Drinking and Cooking water

Culligan provides specific treatments for drinking water. Ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis plants are the ideal solution for obtaining safer water free of bacteria, pollutants and any undesired substance. Moreover, to satisfy any taste-related needs, Culligan offers a range of carbonation refrigerators for supplying still or sparkling, cold or warm water, to be installed directly on the point of use inside the single homes or in public water dispensers.

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Water for Pools and Spas

Culligan has a reputation for building beautiful swimming pools and wellness centres all over Italy. Thanks to the finest filtration, disinfection and maintenance solutions, Culligan will make your customers’ experience unique.

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Treatment of Well Water

Culligan proposes straightforward and effective solutions for treating the water of your well or using it to irrigate gardens and vegetable patches that will allow you to permanently eliminate any undesired elements.

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Treatment of Water for Solar Panels

Photovoltaic plants can be preserved at maximum efficiency thanks to Culligan technologies, which reduce the temperature of the cells while keeping the surfaces of the panels constantly clean.

Save Water

Treatment of Grey and Waste Water for Reuse

After adequately treating waste water, it is possible not only to return used water to the environment according to the quality standards specified in the national and regional regulations, but also to reuse it. In this sector, Culligan spearheads the research and development of new cutting-edge solutions, such as Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technologies designed to allow waste water to be reused for various purposes: civil, industrial and irrigation.

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Membrane filtration - MFB-Cubo

MFB-Cubo is Culligan's solution with a simple and compact design that lends itself to installation in private housing units or small apartment blocks and accommodation facilities. MFB Cubo wastewater treatment systems provide filtered water free of suspended solids and low concentrations of BOD and nitrogen. Less waste equals greater efficiency, lower costs (water and energy) and less environmental impact.