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Water Treatment Solutions FOR CRUISE SHIPs

Water treatment solutions for marine and cruiseships

Salt Water Reverse Osmosis

Whirlpool systems for marine and cruiseships

Whirlpool systems

Swimming Pools for marine and cruiseships

Swimming Pools

Remineralisation Systems for marine and cruiseships

Remineralisation Systems

Whirlpool Tubs for marine and cruiseships

Whirlpool Tubs

Swimming pools for kids on cruiseships

Kids Playground Pools

Water Disinfection on marine and cruiseships

Fresh Water Disinfection

Culligan – Specialists in Water for Cruise Ships

Over 20 years experience in water treatment for marine and cruise ships

In 1990, following a growing demand for high quality, reliable systems for water treatment on cruise ships the Culligan Marine division was established.

Culligan water treatment systems for marine and cruise ships are now the byword for reliability, safety, and above all clean, pure water.

Today Culligan is the preferred supplier for water treatment equipment on many of the most prestigious cruise lines around the world.

With systems installed on over 80 cruise ships Culligan have extensive experience in installing water treatment systems for new build ships, providing retrofitting services for when a ship is in dry dock, and servicing equipment whilst in normal operation.

Culligan understands how important safe, ongoing operations are for our marine clients and has dedicated teams of Marine Service Application Engineers available from our European headquarters in Italy and in our USA Marine Division offices in Miami to provide specialized assistance where required. Culligan also hold all required spare parts and materials in stock in both locations to help minimize any unplanned downtime.

Water Applications on Cruise Ships include:

Fresh Water Treatment

Fresh Water is normally produced on cruise ships by means of salt water reverse osmosis (SWRO) units, which can be fitted with remineralisation systems designed to improve palatability and control corrosion potential of the produced water.

Culligan also offers a range of options for fresh water disinfection and pH control including automatic dosing and monitoring systems all of which are in accordance with USPH requirement both for bunkered, produced or distributed water.

Swimming Pools Water Treatment

Culligan’s swimming pool filtration systems for cruise ships are fully skid mounted for ease of installation and include filtration (sand or cartridge filter) to remove all particles larger than 20 microns and complete dosing systems capable of automatically maintaining halogenation and pH control within required ranges.

Steam and heat recovery heating systems are also available.

Fully automated systems are also available, helping you reduce operating requirements and optimize operational costs.

All systems are designed to fully satisfy all USPH requirements

Whirlpool Tubs and Water Filtration Systems

In addition to providing the water treatment equipment Culligan can also offer integrated total solutions for whirlpools whereby both treatment equipment and “tailor made” whirlpool tubs are integrated and provided as one unit.

Tubs are built as required to the designing architects specifications and come complete with filtration and dosing systems as well as all the required accessories such as surge tank and electric heating systems.

Tubs may be supplied with standard gelcoat finishing or covered with mosaic tiling.

Culligan’s whirlpool systems are all designed based on the specific marine industry requirements and are in full compliance with norms in force.

Service and spare parts

Fully trained technicians are available both in Europe and US to serve ships assuring best knowledge of USPH rules and system functionality.

With the Culligan maintenance contract, routine on-board service programmes are created in collaboration with the ships crew.

The service programmes ensure the equipment in maintained in optimal working order, but also involves training programmes for the ships staff to facilitate troubleshooting and fault resolution when out at sea.

Culligan carries inventory of strategic spares in both Italy and the USA, thereby assuring total support to ships operating in Europe and US / Caribbean seas.

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