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Water treatment for residential

Culligan is the ideal partner to manage and optimize everything related to water.
With a long experience in the research and development of integrated and advanced solutions, Culligan is able to customize each solution according to the specific needs of the industrial, civil, commercial, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors.

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More zero Km water for hospitality – new EU Directive

New EU Directive on Drinking Water After two difficult years, restaurants and clubs reopen and the supply chain tries to look to the future: 85% of the owners of bars and restaurants said they are sure that the sector will resume decisively. The real relaunch opportunity for public businesses will be that of a reopening

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Chemical products for water treatment

As opposed to physical treatments, in particular mechanical filtration techniques where unwanted elements are removed from the water, chemical treatment involves the addition of substances to the water itself.

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How to remove iron from water

Iron is naturally present in water sources; generally at a maximum concentration of 0.3 mg/L, but levels may be higher in treated and supplied water, due to its use as a coagulant in aqueducts or release into water pipes due to corrosion.

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World Water Day – March 22, 2021

On the occasion of World Water Day 2021, the research conducted by Toluna for Culligan International in 11 countries analyses consumption styles in terms of water and sustainability in the year of the pandemic.

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Culligan Celebrates 85 Years of Better Water

We’re proud of all that the Culligan Water family has accomplished in these first 85 years, but we’re even more excited about our next 85! We’re still hard at work helping bring better water solutions and services to consumers all over the world, and we’re focused on developing the next big innovations that will change the way we all use water

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Clean and healthy water in the office

In workplaces, where we spend the majority of our day, it is very important to keep hydrated, yet frequently we forget to drink enough water or, on the other hand, we consume a large number of PET plastic bottles of water, which are highly polluting, requiring 500 years to completely break down.

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Water softeners and boilers

Water hardness is a very important parameter for all technological uses of water, whether domestic or industrial.
Water is defined as “hard” when it has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium , which can be deposited, forming limescale.

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Covid-19 Restrictions Measures

Italy is fighting hard Covid-19 outbreak and Italian Government has been releasing strong countermeasures setting many activities in lock out and set strict prevention rules.

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