Water Treatment Solutions for Offices

Water solutions for offices

Drinking water for Offices, Shops and Restaurants

The health of employees is a top priority for many companies and good health starts with good water. Whether it is for your employees in an office or for clients in a waiting room, the provision of drinking water is an important detail, and in some cases the provision of drinking water can be a legal requirement.
Culligan offer a number of drinking water solutions for offices, shops, and waiting rooms, that can save you money, help the environment, and help keep the people important to your business healthy and hydrated.

Drinking Water for Bars and Restaurants

Culligan also provide drinking water solutions specifically for bars and restaurants.

As well as our office and shop solutions, Culligan also provide drinking water solutions specifically for bars and restaurants.

Our point of use drinking water units eliminate the need to purchase bottled water for restaurant dining tables, allowing you to produce your own great tasking water at the touch of a button whilst saving you money. Culligan’s Aquabar range of drinking water dispenser units are available with built in water chilling, carbonation and water filtration systems as well as the ability to program the amount of water dispensed to speed up water delivery to the table.

The Aquabar range can be mounted on top of a counter or bar, directly underneath the counter or even remotely installed in a different room.

Culligan Bottle-Free® Water Coolers

Culligan bottle-free coolers offer a great alternative to our bottled water delivery service.

Culligan bottle-free coolers also known as bottleless water coolers provide great tasting water, cold, hot or sparkling, but without the need to have bottled water delivered to your business.

Just some of the benefits of Culligan Bottle-free water coolers

  • Unlimited water at the touch of a button, no need to set up delivery schedules
  • Free up storage space by eliminating the need to store water bottles
  • No more lifting of water bottles
  • Environmentally friendly – save on energy and waste
  • Safe – innovative antimicrobial technologies within the units and sanitizing service plans prevent any potential harmful organic build up.

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