Above-ground, in-ground
and overflow pools, in the garden or indoors

Culligan pools all have one thing in common: fantastic water quality, guaranteed by the exclusive Hydro Cleer Filter filtration system.

Culligan is a specialist in customised pool design for residential and public pools, for sportspeople or those who just love to relax: indoor and outdoor pools, above-ground, overflow and in-ground pools, natural, standard, heated, elaborate and luxury pools, equipped with hydromassage systems in an area of the pool or in an adjacent area.

Custom-made pools designed to client specifications. All of our pools share fantastic water quality, safe, healthy and guaranteed by the most cutting-edge and green filtration system in the industry: Hydro Cleer Filter, for brilliant, crystal-clear water.

This is an extremely refined and innovative diatomaceous filtration system that has recently been used at the Deepspot scuba training centre in Mszczonów, Poland, noted for housing the deepest pool in the world.

This Guinness-record-breaking pool is 45.7 metres deep and has a total capacity of 8,000 cubic metres, equal to 27 Olympic swimming pools.

The special Hydro Cleer diatomaceous filters are composed of exclusive, patented, self-cleaning Culligan filtration elements, developed to always remain clean and free of turbidity, ready for the next filtration cycle.

The benefits of Hydro Cleer Filter


  • Filtration surface 10 times greater than standard filters
  • Filtration capacity to 1μm


  • -50% electricity consumption
  • -90% cleaning water
  • -30% consumption of chemical products


  • Takes up less space in plant room

In addition to reducing the use of chemical products and pollutants, the Hydro Cleer Filter system requires less water for filling and heating, with a significant cost saving and less use of water, a precious and finite resource.

Culligan pools perfectly combine comfort and sustainability, for an incomparable experience.

A single partner for your home pool

Alongside effective and exclusive technology, Culligan is able to guarantee complete design customisation, through great experience and know-how from 60 years in the field, allowing us to meet any request.

Designs that bring customer’s ideas to life, in complete harmony with the architectural context.

A home pool with impeccable water, created by a single partner, from design through to installation, maintenance and provision of all accessories for outdoor pools, indoor pools and wellness pools.

From simpler installations and technical solutions to more sophisticated systems that make the pool a truly fantastic experience, just like a spa:

  • heat exchanger
  • customised RAL colours
  • monochromatic LEDs for deeper lighting
  • RGBW LEDs for chromotherapy that can be adjusted via remote control
  • hydromassage or hydrotherapy systems for the back and feet
  • counterflow swimming systems
  • fountains, water features and cascades