Culligan Water Treatment Systems
for the Record-Breaking Swimming Pool ‘Deepspot’

The exclusive sports facility opens its doors in Poland and takes the place of the Italian ‘Y-40’ as the world’s deepest swimming pool. The filtration systems of both pools have been designed and produced by Culligan, world leader in water treatment.

45.7 meters deep, underwater caves and hotel rooms with a view on scuba divers: the most innovative and deepest swimming pool in the world has been inaugurated a few days ago in the small town of Mszczonow, Poland.
With a total capacity of 8000 mᶟ – corresponding to 27 olympic swimming pools – and a 50 tons pressure resistance, Deepspot has beaten the formerly record-winning pool Y-40, located in Italy near Padoa.
This super modern swimming pool is not only for scuba divers! In fact, it has been designed as a brand new tourist attraction. The pool’s deep waters have been enriched with a re-creation of ancient Mayan ruins and an imitation of a sailing vessel and visitors can enjoy the amazing view from an underwater tunnel.
Experienced divers are certainly the most awaited visitors of Deepspot, but this fascinating venue is also suitable for beginners who want to try their hand at diving.

About Deepspot’s filtration system by Culligan

Filtration systems are the real beating heart of every swimming pool. They are essential to allow bathing and ensure hygiene and safety to the water.
As a leading company in the water treatment sector at global level, Culligan has developed a strong expertise in the production of the most advanced water treatment systems for every kind of swimming pool. This is why the company has been chosen as technical partner in the building project of Deepspot.
Lorenzo Sardi, Swimming Pool Project Manager of Culligan Itailana, has designed, supplied and installed the entire filtration system of the venue, ensuring a crystal-clear water and the highest safety levels to the pool.
The advanced Culligan Hydro-Cleer systems that have been placed in the Deepspot pool are able to remove turbidity and any kind of pollutant elements from the water.
These special diatom filters – composed by automatic self-cleaning elements and white powders obtained from the fossilized shells of microalgae – have an outstanding filtering action, up to 1 μm.
Thanks to Culligan Hydro Cleer filters, divers can swim in the most clear and limpid water, no matter how deep.