More zero Km water for hospitality –
new EU Directive

New EU Directive on Drinking Water

After two difficult years, restaurants and clubs reopen and the supply chain tries to look to the future: 85% of the owners of bars and restaurants said they are sure that the sector will resume decisively.
The real relaunch opportunity for public businesses will be that of a reopening in the name of sustainability, quality and differentiation: 54% of managers identify the improvement of digital services, higher quality and identity specialization as the key to a successful reopening. able to guarantee recognition of the activity.
Virtuous choices in terms of environmental sustainability are encouraged by the entry into force of the new EU Directive on drinking water whose provisions involve not only the domestic sphere, but also the world of hospitality.
A change of pace in favor of more responsible water consumption in a plastic-free perspective: the Directive, in fact, promotes tap water by inviting the managers of bars, restaurants, canteens, hotels to serve it free of charge or at reasonable prices for their own customers.

Among the most advanced tap water refining solutions, the Culligan SELFIZZ and AQUABAR line of watercoolers, capable of delivering filtered cold, hot and sparkling water based on the different tastes and needs of customers.
Serving fresh refined water or at room temperature, still or sparkling, directly from the tap is a solution that all restaurateurs can choose and which guarantees a series of advantages both in management and economic terms. To further improve its quality, there are also advanced solutions capable of delivering filtered water at the point of use, light and free of bad tastes, smells and any pollutants present in the pipes of the room.
Starting with the lowest environmental impact: the consumption of tap water eliminates CO2 emissions caused by road transport of bottles and counteracts the pollution generated by the production and disposal of single-use plastic.

A further advantage is the saving of space and time: the water refined to Zero KM relieves the operator from the problems of supply and storage of empty and full. Furthermore, the refrigerated display cases – which consume much more electricity than a water cooler – will no longer have to contain dozens of bottles and can thus be used for drinks and wines.
Last but not least, the economic savings: by comparing the costs incurred by a restaurant with 120 daily covers that, monthly, spends about 375 euros for the supply of bottled water, the savings of an activity that uses only tap water supplied through Culligan solutions reaches up to 70%.
Personalization: water added with carbon dioxide at the moment of tapping has a more satisfying taste than bottled water, which was added months before.
Culligan Aquabar, for example, allows you to choose your preferred carbonation level.