Clean and healthy
water in the office

Proper hydration is essential in the office too, to keep healthy, efficient and productive.

In workplaces, where we spend the majority of our day, it is very important to keep hydrated, yet frequently we forget to drink enough water or, on the other hand, we consume a large number of PET plastic bottles of water, which are highly polluting, requiring 500 years to completely break down[1].

Hydration is important because:

  • it regulates body temperature
  • it increases resistance to fatigue
  • it supports concentration and increased productivity
  • it cleanses the body, reducing water retention
  • it improves metabolic functions with transformation of fats into carbon dioxide and water, thus also improving the figure
  • it increases muscle tone and elasticity.

To guarantee that clean and safe water is always available there are many different solutions aimed specifically at offices and businesses: innovative, eco-friendly and great-looking point-of-use water dispensers that can be adapted to any location and type of activity.

These made-in-Italy solutions allow businesses to save and reduce plastic usage, offering local water to guests and employees and spreading a positive message in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Let’s take a closer look.

Sustainability and savings

Using water from the mains supply is a smart and sustainable choice both economically and environmentally, guaranteeing savings on costs, time and space: pure, microfiltered water always available, natural, fresh, still or sparkling, handy and safe.

By using the local water supply there is no need to worry about ordering and storing water and disposing of PET bottles, which generally travel hundreds of km by road, further worsening the pollution associated with the life cycle of plastics.

Purchasing 33,000 bottles per year, it is necessary to handle 2,750 packs, with an estimated cost of around € 14,850.

Meanwhile, with a Culligan office dispenser connected to the mains supply, storage, disposal and pollution are no longer a consideration, and in addition to time and space, there is a saving of € 1,677 per year.

Every company can easily calculate its own impact and potential savings, using the Impact Simulator!

The larger the company, the greater the saving.

Company size

Annual saving

20 people

€ 1,901.40

40 people

€ 4,653.60

80 people

€ 10,158.00

100 people

€ 12,910.20

This is why more than 30 companies have already decided to save, signing up to the Water Warriors campaign and saying NO to plastic, waste and pollution.

By installing Culligan systems connected to the mains supply, they have achieved significant savings and generated important environmental benefits, bringing prestige to the company.

Top solutions for offices and businesses

Selfizz cooler/carbonator: stainless-steel water dispenser with antibacterial protection system, compact design and great aesthetics, which dispenses up to 80 litres of high-quality water per hour at room temperature or cooled, still or sparkling.

Culligan Bio-Refresh: point-of-use dispenser that fills even the largest bottles with a click, thanks to handy button controls that allow the user to choose their preferred water: room temperature, cooled, sparkling, semi-sparkling or hot.
A UV lamp can be installed on the system at the dispensing point that prevents bacterial growth.

Bio-Refresh Osmosi: point-of-use dispenser with reverse-osmosis technology that guarantees soft and pure water with an excellent taste.

Available in two different versions, with still water at room temperature or cooled, or with still water at room temperature, cooled or hot, for the preparation of teas and hot drinks.

Bio-Refresh Touchfree: point-of-use dispenser providing high-quality still water at room temperature or cooled, sparkling water and hot water in complete safety, without touch buttons, thanks to Capacity Proximity technology that activates dispensing at 1.5 cm distance, avoiding direct contact.

This system also features Nano Silver Pipe technology that reduces bacterial growth by 99.9%.

But there are many more solutions to save time and money!

[1] Synthetic polymer contamination in bottled water”, Sherri A. Mason, Victoria Welch, Joseph Neratko