Increasing pressure from population growth, changing weather patterns, and pollution are all contributing to a growing situation of water scarcity.

Membrane BioReactor (MBR) technology is a great solution to meet those needs and potentially reuse treated waste water.

Benefits of a MBR system

  • High Effluent quality – potential for reuse
  • Small Footprint
  • Low sludge production
  • High stability

Applications for MBR

  • Decentralized commercial sites, such as shopping malls, hotels and resorts
  • Military and relief aid camps
  • Small municipal communities
  • Industries such as food & Beverage, industrial laundries, the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Sites that require upgrading to meet more stringent discharge quality levels

How Does the MBR Process Work?


In the Conventional Activated Sludge Method, sludge is separated into solids and liquid in a settling tank. This is called clarification.


The innovative MBR technology combines activated sludge treatment with solid-liquid separation by means of micro-porous membranes in place of the traditional separation by secondary clarification.


Membrane filtration – MFB-Cubo

MFB-Cubo is the system designed by Culligan for wastewater reuse. It is a solution that reduces the consumption of mains water by reusing properly treated wastewater that can be used for irrigation and washing water. Less waste equals greater efficiency, reduced costs (water and energy) and less environmental impact. MFB Cubo wastewater treatment systems provide filtered water free of suspended solids and low BOD and nitrogen concentrations. This technology allows the reuse of up to 90-95% of the water to be treated (which would otherwise be sent to the sewage system).

In addition to standard installations Culligan MBR systems are available in a wide range of configurations designed to meet your specific needs such as mobile containerized solutions for remote sites, or retrofit systems to enhance the performance of existing treatment plants.

Membrane Bio-Reactor systems from Culligan offer the latest technological solution to meet all waste water and water reuse needs.

Download the Culligan Containerised MBR Factsheet

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