The perfect answer if you want instant cold, sparkling or hot water

Selfizz is an innovative water dispenser that will satisfy the different tastes of your guests and all your family. With one simple touch, directly in your kitchen, you can have water that is cold, at room temperature, sparkling or, depending on differing needs, you can also choose between a version with either slightly sparkling water or hot water.

Thanks to its compact modern design, Selfizz can adapt to all kinds of kitchen. It comes in versions either to fit on the countertop or under-sink. Personalize the taste of the water coming from your tap by setting the level of sparkling and temperature, so that you always have the water you want… choosing between cold, room-temperature, hot and sparkling! Selfizz is also a water dispenser that is environmentally friendly: its cooling system uses R600 refrigerating gas, which is totally natural and thus has zero impact on global warming.

Selfizz will provide you with highest quality water, comfortably in your own home, saving you from the effort of carrying heavy bottled water, and saving both time and money.



Water from the house tap as you like, at room temperature, hot, cold and sparkling with the possibility of adjusting the degree of carbonation and total salinity (TDS).


Tea, coffee, pasta, cakes, pizza, bread, ice … they are all foods in which the quality of water affects the taste and success of your recipes, you will feel the difference.


You can reduce the production and consumption of plastic by choosing a zero kilometres water, in one year each of us can eliminate 10 trucks from the roads and reduce CO2 emissions by 25 tonnes.

Find the characteristics of the Culligan Water Coolers Selfizz​


Selfizz is the innovative dispenser that allows you to treat tap water using:

  • Carbon Block pre-filtration kit, which solves common water quality problems, eliminating all traces of impurities or turbidity, as well as unpleasant smells and tastes caused by the presence of chlorine.
  • Ultrafiltration Culligan Pure, tested by the University of Bologna, acts on the organoleptic quality of drinking water, eliminating bacteria and improving taste and flavour, without eliminating the mineral salts present.

The system is also equipped with a drip tray with anti-flooding alarm, which works by means of a detection probe that monitors any leaks. Finally, the cylinders destined to carbonate are completely in aluminium, easily refillable and contain food CO2.

The system is designed to produce water in four possible ways: room temperature, cold, sparkling and, for the fourth mode, you can choose between hot or slightly sparkling.

In addition to temperature regulation, the regulator also allows to adjust the level of carbonation.

Furthermore, its exclusive Dry Cooling technology allows the system to be cooled quickly, using R290 or R600 gas, which is completely natural and without fluorides, therefore with zero environmental impact.


Compact, modern and elegant design

Selfizz’s attractive compact design enables it to fit perfectly in any kind of kitchen, presenting itself as a chic modern technological accessory. As well as the countertop version, it also comes in an under-sink format, the latter saving space on the kitchen top above. Made to adapt to all needs, Culligan Selfizz is designed and manufactured in Italy with the utmost attention paid to detail, in order to guarantee the highest quality.


  • Maintenance is recommended at least once a year, depending on the amount of use, and must be carried out by specialized personnel.
  • The Culligan maintenance contract covers a general sanitization and check on the system, a check-up on the volume and quality of the water treated, the substitution of the filters, and the verification and adjustment of the CO2 injection system.
  • Selfizz is covered by a two-year warranty which can be extended up to 5 years in continuity with the Culligan maintenance contract


  • Selfizz dispensers are manufactured in Italy, CE tested and certified.
  • The system is manufactured in conformity with Italy’s DM 174/2004 and DM 25/2012 ministerial decrees.
  • This device is marked in accordance with the European Directive 2012/19/UE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Eco RAEE Contribution carried out.
  • The Carbon Block prefiltration kit conforms with NSF/ANSI 42 for chloride reduction.
  • Culligan Pure Ultrafiltration has been microbiologically tested by the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology of the University of Bologna.


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