Culligan Water Softening Systems

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Protect process equipment with one of the world’s leading water softener systems.

The Culligan line of softeners is one the most complete in the industry, satisfying demands for scale reduction for flow rates from 1 to hundreds of cubic meters per hour.

With innovative technology found in the models like the HE (High Efficiency) softener such as Progressive Flow, Culligan Smart Controller, Brine Reclaim and Aqua-Sensor® technologies, Culligan Softener systems are among the most efficient and technologically advanced on the market. Learn more about the Culligan’s Water Softneres

Frequently Asked Questions

Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals such as magnesium, iron and manganese, and most often calcium. Water naturally becomes hard as it moves over and through the earth to either a reservoir or into an underground aquifer. Hard water is probably the most common water problem found in municipal and well water supplies. Hard water can cause what is known as scale (normally calcium carbonate, or limescale as it is more commonly known) to build up inside appliances and equipment that utilise water, but particularly ones that heat the water such as boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, cooling systems etc. This can have a significant impact on energy consumption and efficiency.

Just 1mm of limescale in your hot water system can increase your energy use
by 7%*. The most common and effective treatment for hard water is a water softener.

* Source:

Culligan water softeners use Cullex® ion-exchange resin which act on the specific ions which cause scale, mainly Calcium (Ca2+) and Maganesium (Mg2+) ions. These ions are exchanged for sodium ions.

When all the available sodium Na+ ions have been replaced with calcium or magnesium ions, the resin must be re-charged, or as it is more commonly known regenerated by eluting the Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions using a solution of sodium chloride (brine solution).

In this way the unit can continue to soften the water by simply regenerating it periodically when it becomes exhausted using a salt water brine solution.

Some of the benefits of using soft water

  • Scale reduction
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Reduced maintenance, chemical and detergent costs

Per risolvere qualunque tipo di problema del tuo depuratore d’acqua a osmosi inversa a produzione diretta Culligan Aqua-Cleer SLIM, potrai sempre contare su di un servizio di assistenza efficace e preparato, composto da tecnici altamente specializzati, sempre pronti ad intervenire per fronteggiare qualunque esigenza.
Abbonati ai contratti di manutenzione Culligan per ottenere il miglior servizio, rapido ed efficiente su misura per il tuo depuratore Culligan.
Culligan Aqua-Cleer SLIM ha una garanzia di 2 anni. La garanzia decade per condizioni o utilizzi non previsti per il normale uso dell’impianto.

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