Water treatment
for residential

A total water solution for residential

Culligan is the ideal partner to manage and optimize everything related to water.

With a long experience in the research and development of integrated and advanced solutions, Culligan is able to customize each solution according to the specific needs of the industrial, civil, commercial, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors.

The same depth of products and services also applies to the residential sector, to which Culligan dedicates complete solutions for sustainable and ecological water management, from plant design to installation, from commissioning to revamping, assistance and maintenance. Let’s see them in detail.

Treatment of drinking and cooking water

Tap water is good and safe because it is subjected to numerous controls governed by Italian law on drinking water.

However, the control and safety of the aqueduct water is guaranteed up to the so-called “last mile”, that is to the home meter, beyond which the water could undergo alterations or contamination due to old pipes, obsolete storage tanks, encrustations, oxidations, and substrates that exhaust cause bacterial proliferation.

In addition to the last mile, the competence lies with the end user, which is why many people choose to rely on Culligan, known throughout the world for its drinking and food water treatment and filtration systems.

The new purification technologies guarantee excellent water from an organoleptic point of view, safe and free of unwanted elements such as microplastics, bacteria and emerging pollutants, without odors or aftertaste of chlorine.

Culligan offers a series of solutions suitable for different needs, from water houses for public use to serve residential districts, to water columns ideal for shared spaces such as offices, hotels, restaurants or other workplaces, up to water purifiers. ” domestic water: ultrafiltration, microfiltration and reverse osmosis systems for individual housing units, water supply systems at the point of use and watercoolers that allow you to have 0 km water with an excellent flavour, cold or hot, natural or sparkling, directly from your tap.

Well water treatment

Well water is an important resource that can be used as an alternative to aqueduct water after an adequate purification treatment.

First of all, it is good to have it analyzed to evaluate its characteristics because well water can be more easily subject to infiltration and microbiological contamination both by viruses and bacteria and by unwanted substances, micropollutants and heavy metals such as iron and manganese.

Culligan systems eliminate these substances through a process of disinfection and water treatment that allows them to be used for the irrigation of vegetable gardens and gardens in complete safety, as well as systems for the purification of well water. Different disinfection solutions can be adopted according to need: the dosage of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) through automatic dosing pumps, ozone treatment or through UV devices.

Household Softeners

The domestic water softener or decalcifier is essential to eliminate limescale from your homes which – in addition to causing unpleasant encrustations and stains on sanitary ware, taps, dishes, pots, glasses and clothing – causes much more serious problems to damage ” economy and domestic tranquility: unsatisfaction in heating pipes and coils, loss of efficiency of household appliances such as boilers, water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers, extraordinary maintenance or early replacements, increased energy needs, waste and increased bills.

The household softener prevents all these problems, reducing the cost of aggressive detergents, detergents and descalers, but also of laundry softeners, soaps, shampoos and moisturizers, because the softened water is softer even on fabrics. skin and hair, not dry and does not cause irritation like water too rich in salts.

Thanks to softening, you can save up to 550 euros a year.

Heating and cooling circuits and domestic hot water

The water treatment for closed heating and cooling circuits and the production of domestic hot water is very important to ensure efficiency and savings, in compliance with the sanitary regulations in force.

The water treated with softeners, deionizers and reverse osmosis systems in fact preserves the circuits keeping the systems, such as boiler or water heater, fully functional and more performing, also in terms of economic yield.

The installation of a softener can also be carried out centrally, for the treatment of all the domestic hot water in the condominium.

Legionella prevention and control

Legionella is a dangerous bacterium normally present in aquatic environments such as lakes and rivers, but it can also be carried in city pipes and building water systems: in tanks, fountains, swimming pools, whirlpools, Turkish baths and even domestic showers, especially in hot and humid conditions, creating a health risk situation..

Contagion occurs through the inhalation of water droplets with a diameter of less than 5 microns (aerosol effect) which can carry Legionella deep into the lungs causing flu or pneumonia (Legionnaire’s Disease).

Culligan has studied and implemented specific microfiltration and thermal treatment systems for water and thermo-sanitary circuits that inhibit the proliferation of this bacterium, chemical treatments, monitoring and maintenance to ward off this invisible threat with combined solutions according to the customer’s needs.

Treatment for cooling towers

Evaporative or cooling towers are the most flexible and economical system for to better realize the water-air heat exchange process, effectively cooling the water used in large residential complexes.

However, along the cooling process there are “critical areas”, for example the collection basin and the water distribution system, in which bacterial proliferation can occur which is then dispersed into the environment through the air expelled from the towers. dangerous for health, especially if in the presence of Legionella, for this reason specific water treatment procedures are necessary.

Culligan provides different filtration steps with softening or reverse osmosis systems and product dosing that allow to avoid the risk of scaling, corrosion or deposits, in any type of evaporative system and with any type of make-up water, including water river, well or from tertiary treatments for reuse, advising the customer on the most suitable, most efficient and economical program according to the applications.

Treatment for solar panels

Solar panels transform the sun’s radiant energy into electricity. The ideal temperature for maximum performance is 25 ° C but, beyond the temperature conditions, the performance can also be influenced by the cleaning of the panels, on which smog, dust and other pollutants can settle, generating a patina that reduces the passage of radiation, therefore the amount of energy produced.

The technologies developed by Culligan allow to keep the system at the highest levels of efficiency through the continuous release of a thin layer of water, suitably treated and osmotic, which reduces the temperature of the cells and keeps the surfaces of the radiant panels always clean. and performing.

The energy absorbed by the water treatment system is compensated by the increase in the yield of the panels, and the water that does not evaporate is recovered, microfiltered by the impurities removed from the cells and recirculated at the head of the system.

Culligan is also able to create “tailor-made” systems, designed according to the specific factors of the system: characteristics of the water, volume of the storage tank, flow of cooling water, extension of the surface of the panels, volume of evaporated water (equivalent to the volume of make-up water to be treated daily).

Waste water treatment for recovery and reuse

Water is a finite and precious resource that must be preserved.

The “Circular Economy” policies suggest that wastewater treatment offers excellent opportunities for efficiency because, properly treated, not only can they be reinserted into the environment, but they can be reused according to the quality standards required by national regulations (Legislative Decree 152/2006 – “Environmental regulations”) and regional ones.

Culligan has studied cutting-edge solutions that use ultrafiltration membranes – or Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technology – which allows wastewater to be reused safely for civil, industrial and irrigation use.

Swimming Pool and Wellness Solutions

Last but not least, Culligan stands out for the creation of beautiful pools, to satisfy both swimming lovers and lovers of relaxation, integrated whirlpools or in the area adjacent to the pool, water jets, accessories to make the pool safer from the point of view. from a practical and sanitary point of view, but also more beautiful and scenographic, and state-of-the-art filtration systems, compact and silent, which allow you to have water that is always clear, clean and particularly crystalline.

Culligan offers different filtering systems for swimming pools: multilayer and diatom minerals with high filtering power – 10 times higher than traditional filters – which allow you to have perfect water in less time, reducing washing water consumption by 90% and 30% of chemical products, with a considerable saving on electricity costs of about 50%.

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