Culligan Water Treatment Chemicals are a vital component of our Total Water Treatment Solution.


The right chemistry can benefit the whole water system:

  • Antiscalants make reverse osmosis systems work more efficiently and reduce the need for cleaning.
  • A well-designed and managed water treatment programme can significantly reduce the risk of legionella.
  • Inhibitors extend the life and improve the efficiency of chilled water networks.
  • The right combination of chemicals, equipment and service can eliminate unplanned shutdowns in process cooling systems and allow the use of alternative water sources.
  • The correct application of the right coagulants, flocculants and antifoams can be used to tune the best performance out of a wastewater treatment plant

Our mission is to offer the right chemistry for your water application

In the same way as the Culligan equipment team select the right combination of building blocks to create a water treatment system, we use chemical building blocks to create customised solutions to solve a problem. So, while we have over a hundred and fifty standard products based on these building blocks, we can also create an infinite number of customised solutions to precisely meet your particular requirements. The vast majority of our Culligan water treatment chemicals are blended on site in our Dubai, Technopark facility.

Our chemical technologies include:


  • Products all boilers from low pressure steam generators to high pressure, water tube units.
  • Volatile and non-volatile oxygen scavengers.
  • Scale inhibitors, alkalinity builders, dispersants and on-line cleaners.
  • Internal programs including polymeric “transport” programmes, enhanced phosphate treatment (coordinated/congruent/equilibrium) & all-volatile (AVT), etc.
  • Filming, neutralising and combined amines for every low, medium and high pressure application.
  • Novel, zero solids, polyamine programs which can eliminate phosphate hideout in high pressure boiler applications.

Evaporative Cooling

  • Inhibitors to control scale, corrosion and fouling in every type of evaporative cooling water system with makeup waters including zero hardness RO product, through tertiary treated effluent, river water, brackish waters and high hardness borehole water.
  • Modelling of makeup waters under the conditions present in your system to select the most suitable and cost-effective programme. Programs can then be customised to suit any application.
  • Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, biodispersants & biosurfactants.


  • RO antiscalants, cleaners, sanitizers & membrane storage preservatives.
  • Organic and inorganic coagulants, flocculants, filtration acids & filter cleaners.
  • Ion exchange resins and cleaners.
  • MSF antiscalants & antifoams

Closed systems

  • Pre-commission cleaning, flushing and passivation of open and closed recirculating cooling water systems of all metallurgies.
  • Inhibitors for every type of closed loop system.
  • Lay-up inhibitors for closed systems which are to be stored wet for long periods.
  • Biocides.

Potable Water

  • Pre-commission cleaners and disinfectants, scale & corrosion inhibitors and “red water” controllers.
  • Disinfectant systems designed for potable water use, including silver-stabilized peroxide and automatic chlorine dioxide dosing and control systems.


  • Disinfectants, sanitizers, algaecides and filtration aids for swimming pools, spas, ponds and water features.


  • Organic and inorganic coagulants and flocculants for domestic and industrial waste water applications.
  • Product selection, application support & process optimisation.
  • Biological enhancement products.
  • Odour control agents.