Prefabricated swimming pools:
in-ground and above-ground

Prefabricated swimming pools: a dream come true in the blink of an eye!

A swimming pool is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and luxurious investments we could ever make, and one the whole family will enjoy, enhancing outdoor spaces and the value of the home. And extension of the tax credit scheme makes renovating an existing swimming pool – or building a new one – even more affordable, thanks to increasingly efficient, sophisticated and ecological filtration, heating and monitoring systems.

Prefabricated swimming pools are faster and less costly to install, thanks to modern and practical prefabricated steel panels.

Or for a longer-lasting investment, consider a pool in reinforced concrete.

Although above-ground prefabricated swimming pools are undoubtedly the faster option, they nevertheless require a certain level of commitment and maintenance to keep the pool system running efficiently.

While in-ground prefabricated swimming pools are longer-lasting and offer greater luxury.

Culligan offers a range of products and accessories to provide your prefabricated in-ground swimming pool with all the necessary comforts and technology, and a wide range of single-colour, lacquered, anti-slip and three-dimensional coating materials. From the most sophisticated and self-cleaning filtration systems such as the Hydro-Cleer Filter (HCF) – an exclusive system patented by Culligan for a particularly crystalline water – to our pool accessories such as ladders, diving boards and showers.

From the customisable Skimmers in different sizes and materials for all pool types, to the iCLEAN pool cleaners with intelligent, self-adjusting software, dual-filter filtration system and self-diagnostics for water that is always impeccable.

Good lighting is key to creating a unique ambiance.

Lighting elements add a dramatic dimension and increase pool safety.

Culligan underwater lights are designed to meet a wide range of needs.

Underwater lights with halogen bulbs offer an excellent solution for prefabricated swimming pools. Although completely waterproof, halogen bulbs require changing more frequently than LED lights. Monochrome and multi-coloured LED lights are perfect for a residential swimming pool in concrete. They easily penetrate the water, giving a deeper and more pleasing effect. While more expensive than halogen bulbs, they are long-lasting and consume less energy: around 1/20 of halogen bulb consumption.

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